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I design and program websites and stores,
apps and tools on the Internet.

I design interactions in real life, on screen and via the Internet. I craft contexts, experiences and tools for creatives, companies and clients.

How I can help you

My practice is at the cross road of Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing, Product Design and Content. I use Design Thinking and in-depth research to analyse and refine projects. I develop Digital Strategy and I'm technically able to implement and program it, from scratch if need be. I develop my work using evaluation mechanisms that leads to data-backed design decision.

  • I think strategically, beyond tasks and brief.
  • I design and program websites and apps.
  • I use Marketing and Business Growth as integral part of the Design process
  • I have the technical abilities to execute.
  • I like to think about systems—and optimise things to solve problems efficiently.
  • I embed Digital Strategy, UI/UX design and real life events into projects.
  • I make things happen.
  • I like to use a holistic approach (it ensures consistency across different channels, it also generally feel kinder and more human)
  • I'm passionate about Technology and the Internet—and what can be done with those; I program interactions and websites.
  • Don't take my word for it; check what Clients and Collaborators say

What I can do for you

How we can work together

My work essentially starts with discussions. This leads me to understand your goals, your audience(s) and/or users. It greatly helps to then set the tone of your communication and interactions. This approach can also help refine existing goals or define new ones—and ultimately allows to develop a tailored strategy.

According to the scope of the project, I can work solo, as part of a satellite digital studio, or assemble a creative and/or technical team to meet your needs.

While my work is billed weekly on an hourly basis, projects can be considered on a flat fee or retainer basis, according to special duration and requirements. Get in touch to discuss the specifics of your project.

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tel: +44 787895 72 00 / +1 438 409 1034

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Interactions, Design and Growth


Role: Marketing, Online Tools, Web Development and Data Analysis
For the past two years, I have been in charge of gathering and analysing facts around users’ experience and their uses. I helped plan its development tree, develop content and promotion. I designed, developed and deployed the Safari Extension, worked on the website and the backend. I assisted with design, planning and development strategy leading to repeated features in Best New Apps section in the Apple App Store and featured in the brick and mortar Apple Stores. Curator received a wide appreciation from creatives around the world.

“We See Beauty” for Make

E-commerce and Journal website
Role: consultant; Design, Prototyping
I assisted the creative director in defining digital directions, UI and UX for the brand. We developed the content architecture, the navigation for the whole site, and a series of interactive templates conveying the brand values and aesthetic throughout.


Design platform, online shop and event practice that sells and commissions new work from contemporary designers.
Role: Art Director and Project Manager.
DesignMarketo organises experiences and environments where guests discover Food and Design through conviviality.
It develops special projects, international exhibitions, workshops, lectures and dinners for a wide design curious audience and works for creatives brands and daring institutions.

Online and offline: Interactions, Design and Growth


Daniel Nordh Curator & Co Ltd

Jerome Rigaud was invaluable in growing Curator’s audience through creative uses of data, PR, outreach and event organising. He has a rare and unique mix of skills spanning design, coding and strategic thinking enabling him to build and iterate on products very quickly with immediate results.

Ariana Mouyiaris Make / Haptic Thought
Creative Director

Jerome Rigaud is as imaginative and inspired creative thinker and coder. He utilises a unique skill set of hands-on programming expertise (on-and-off-line) with a rigorous and expansive knowledge of his fields (whether web design, event management, promotion or digital strategy). He is curious and enjoys creative challenges that push established boundaries and aesthetics, to create custom sites. His process is streamlined and effective. He is truly a pleasure to work and collaborate with.

Sicco Diemer Winkreative / Tom Ford / Mario Testino
Creative Consultant

Jerome Rigaud is a creative and strategic thinker. He combines methodical rigour with intuitive flair, technological excellence and aesthetic understanding. He is an inspiring collaborator and a pleasure to work with.

Praise & Nice Words

Clients include

Royal College of Art Design Museum
Ecal Disegno Magazine
The Serpentine Gallery Somerset House
Maison Martin Margiela Arabeschi Di Latte
Maureen Paley Domaine de Boisbuchet
Domus magazine William & Sons, Just William
Martino Gamper University of the Arts, London
Leon Ransmeier ALBA university, Beyrouth
St Bride Library JJMarshall Associates
Jerzy Seymour Makin Jan Ma
Max Lamb Passion Picture
Digitalism Independent
Build Sony / PlayStation season
Trim Editing Ravensbourne College, London
Vassilis Karidis Gaelle Denis
Daniel Charny Joji Koyama, Woof Wan Bau
Alexander Taylor Hi-Res
The Aram Gallery Larke Optics
Photo Fusion Victoria & Albert Museum
Hollybush Gardens Barbican Art Centre
Merz Akademie, Stuttgart Dapper Dan
Gasworks Sang Bleu
Raking Leaves Field Day festival
1-54 African Art Fair
Daft Punk
British Council

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