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For the past 12 years, I’ve been designing and building websites and apps for the Internet; I understand and use daily the web technologies. SEO as a long-term organic activity has always been part of the scope of the projects I developed. While caring for bots and automated systems, my main focus is user centric. I aim at providing your audience the best engaging experience possible.

The services I offer

  • Design thinking and research
  • Web Technology & Programming
  • Digital Strategy & Marketing
    audit, planning, development, deployment
  • Promotion and Growth
    for small businesses and startups, online and offline
  • Evaluation mechanism, data analytics
  • Architecture Optimisation
  • Digital Product Design
  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),
    Technical Marketing and App Store Optimisation (ASO)
  • Workshops/Teaching
    creative process development, knowledge sharing and nurturing growth mindset
  • Technology monitoring
  • Combination of online and offline approaches
    through UI/UX design and real life events
  • A kind and human touch

Design thinking and research. I use methodologies inspired by lean/agile process. I work with a user centric approach, based on research and analytics. I sketch and program interfaces layout and interactions (UI/UX) for websites and applications.

Digital strategy. Research and development for websites, newsletters, social networks. It encompasses sketch and proposal, design, development, templates, content, tools and implementation, audit, planning, development, deployment, technical marketing: App Store and Search Engine Optimisation (ASO/SEO), Promotion for apps and products, online and offline, content & information architecture optimisation.I can help you plan around key dates, objectives and targets.I like to work on pre-product stage (MVP) marketing to help embed promotion and growth in the designed product.

Web Sites and Apps Programming. According to the project scope, I can use PHP (incl Wordpress/Woocommerce), Javascript (incl jQuery/Node/AWS Lambda), HTML5 and CSS, to build websites, prototypes and applications.I can also advise your team to better design and plan around technological challenges. I can help you understand and deploy better process with online tools with data analytics and data-driven design.

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Recent Project:
What I did for Curator & Co

I’ve built, deployed, expanded and maintained the Curator website for the past year, taking it from a single discreet page to a full fledged reference site targeted at the creative industry, with regular updates and specific content.

I developed digital strategy for the app promotion, both on the internet and on the App Store, adapting and refining strategies. Organic website's SEO has been part of a larger role falling under Growth Hacking.

I have devised, designed and developed webpages, promotion campaigns, online tools and technology to match evolving needs in a startup environment.A few aspects of my growth oriented duties overlapped more traditional role like promotion, SEO, marketing, PR, etc.—some highlights:

  • Optimisation for both search engines and app store, including load time, semantics, niche vocabulary research, social cards (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest).
  • User engagement and onboarding: definition, analysis, experiments and design to optimise the product, tracking, and marketing campaign based on findings.
  • Facts and data based planning, including A/B testing (user centric approach).
  • Producing dashboard using website analytics, various webmaster tools monitoring domains across SERP, specific reporting APIs (App Store Analytics, keywords monitoring). Defining and tracking KPI to measure progress towards goal; mostly related to User engagement and app/website funnels, that helped devise on-boarding strategies, facts gathering experiments, surveys, etc.
  • Content planning and development (blog, social and newsletter) liaising with writers.
  • Events organisation/production for launch and soft promotional Creative Process talks at V&A, Curator Journal for Brompton Design District during London Design Festival.

Curriculum and Extra Information